Kazu Pte Ltd essentially has been crafting in South East Asia since 1987 but has established itself in Singapore on August 2011. 
We have a strong foundation within the lacquerware trade creating and supplying luxurious lacquerware with the highest of quality. Kazu Pte Ltd applies a sizeable team of professional maestros at hand to create premium grade lacquerware for any occasion. We strive for customer satisfaction and assure our company delivers with uncompromising quality to make sure all our customers necessities fulfilled.

Kazu Pte Ltd directly possesses 3 factories within Ho Chi Minh city and has been supplying to third party retailers for over 20 years.

Be it a personal gift to supplying, Kazu Pte Ltd guarantees paramount quality for any customer demands.

Lacquerware are products that have been treated with a special technique that have a practical purpose. The technique is a surface application requiring a basic material lac resin and decorative materials like red pigment, colors, mother-of-pearl, gold or silver foil leaves.

With the vast array of lacquer techniques, it is impossible to categorize all of them into a small, neat set. Most untraditional techniques (which by no means are a minority) are often categorized as alternative lacquer work. These techniques include some of the most interesting and varied pieces, often surprising in their ingenuity and inspiration.

Here listed bellow, are the techniques that we have practiced in our product. New methods and ideas are and will always be welcome as our aim is to fulfill all your expectations and needs with quality and authenticity.


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